About Kirigami

Kirigami is a visualization tool, that allows planners and organizers to create a 3D rendered version of how the entire event and the subsequent physical elements will be placed in the real-world venue, at the onset of the planning stage. With the help of Kirigami, planners can visualize and ensure that the design & placement of the physical assets fit properly at the real location.

The custom designs and themes help create event layout which includes seating chart, placement of objects, background wall, audio setup, etc. A planner can visualize the end results in advance and drastically reduce the gap between expectations and reality.

Designed with the goal to streamline steps in creating a virtual layout of venues, Kirigami leverages 2D and 3D asset library, intuitive workflow, and a collaborative environment to make sure that there's enough clarity between planners, partners, vendors, and clients.

Who is it for?


Event planners want to create compelling experiences for their customers. To avoid last minute confusions on placements of physical assets and how they should appear, Kirigami helps bridge this gap by providing a platform where virtual renditions of the venue with the placements of assets like seating placements, exits and entrances, stage setup, light setup, etc. can be planned in advance.


The visualization of the event beforehand helps the host make sure that everything is in order. It helps them visualize what the designer has in mind and provide inputs on what needs to be changed or improved. It also gives space for collaboration to include other service providers into one cohesive virtual environment to streamline the entire planning process and keep everything in check.

Key Benefits

For Planners

- Clarity on customer requirements
- Check feasibility of design at the location
- Provide multiple design options
- Create a visual catalog

For Hosts

- No last-minute surprises
- Better collaboration with designer
- More control over the event layout and flow
- Reduction in unexpected costs

Start creating breathtaking events now, with the swipe of a finger!